Dining Experience

Starting the day like a king

For the early risers but still dynamic, the bar opens at 7.00 for a genuine Italian Espresso. The buffet breakfast is available from 8-10 am for a total food experience, from savoury to sweet dishes. If you want to rest a little bit more, an Italian breakfast with capuccino and croissant awaits you on the terrace.
On demand in-room breakfast is possible for a romantic gataway, along with a flowers bunch for a special gift dedicated to your beloved.

Pool snack on the terrazza

Snack Bar

To full enjoy your holiday without ever leaving the hotel, there is no better way than to have lunch on the terrazza of the outdoor swimming pool. Here we serve fresh salads, pasta dishes inspired by the constant changing of the seasons, fruits, snacks and much more.

After sunbathing or a beach volleyball match, our swimming pool team will be happy to take care of you with a refreshing drink or a snack to go on your holiday with the right attitude

Country Restaurant

The in-house Trattoria All’Ancora will delight you with special bespoken menues, both for groups and family smooth dinners.
Our Chef caters her guests with all the Love a Mamma would use, which ensures constant fresh and natural ingredients, many of which are hervested in our prime: from the cherries in May, to the former tomatoes in June, to the zucchinis and aubergines that delight our taste buds all summer long. The summertime also offers the opportunity to dine on the terrace overlooking the garden and the tennis courts, or in the coccon of the living room of the hotel.

All the taste at Km zero

Orto biologico

At Ancora Sport Hotel you will have the pleasure to enjoy a very good culinary tradition with genuine ingredients, mostly from our vegetable garden, from the breakfast through the lunch and all the way to the dinner, you will taste the real italian kitchen.