Regata Storica Venice

Regata Storica September 1st 2019 Race of typical venetian rawing boats that starts with a procession of ornate boats down the Grand Canal, rowed by locals in 16th-century costumes.

Core Festival in Treviso

From 7/06 to 9/06 Treviso,just 20 minutes from us, will host the Core festival. Three days of music,concerts and cultural and gastronomic events. There will be great artists like Emis Killa, Måneskin, Salmo, Gemitaiz and the Rumatera.

Sand sculptures in Jesolo

The 22th edition of the International festival of sand sculptures,dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci,will take place in Jesolo from 2/06 to 15/09 on the Brescia square. An international team of sculptors,composed of Ilya Filimontsev,Susanne Ruseler,Radovan Zivny,David Ducharme and Pavel Mylnikov, have represented the creations,ideas and productions of the florentine artist,  500 years [...]

Biennial of Venice

Biennale of Art 2019 “May you live in Interesting Times”  in the official name of the 58^ International Art Exhibition in Venice that will be displayed from May 11th until November 24th 2019 in Giardini and Arsenale.

Local festival in Losson

From 31/05 to  9/06 in Losson will take place the local festival with concerts, typical food and theme nights like: “flavors of the sea” for fish lovers, clown Crostino for the entertainment of the kids  and on sunday 9 there will be the final party with super cake. During the evenings there will be the [...]